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Donations and Grants

These non-profits have no direct affiliation with nvz.customs. The donations made to these organizations were private decisions from the company owner in order to ensure that a portion of the profits is going towards helping BIPOC academics NOW. After gathering a customer base, nvz will switch from these types of private donations and develop our own grant-based initiative.  

Previous Donation:  Black Trowel Collective Microgrants

What does Black Trowel Collective Microgrants actually do? "We provide microgrants from $5 to $300 (or £ or €)–no questions asked–to archaeology graduate and undergraduate students who need it. We can also work to find you larger amounts of money and/or connect you with mentorship for non-monetary needs (e.g. if you need an archaeologist from your racial/ethnic group or class background to talk something over with, or if you have an issue impacting your academic career that you don’t feel comfortable letting your department know about, or even if you need access to a certain journal/manuscript, etc)."

Donation to Black Trowel Collective Microgrants
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Previous Donation:  Society of Africanist Archeologists 

The Society of Africanist Archaeologists is an organization of archaeologists, researchers from associated disciplines and others who share an interest in African archaeology and African societies. Our membership is international, with participation from Africa, the Americas, Europe,  Asia, and Oceania, and is actively involved in research in many African countries.

Previous Donation: the Society of Black Archaeologists 

The Society of Black Archaeologists works to increase the number of professionally trained archaeologists of African descent through the promotion of social responsibility, academic excellence, and the creation of spaces that foster the SBA’s goals and activities.

The SBA promotes the proper treatment of African and African diaspora material culture, promotes community engagement and collaborations within the field, raises and addresses concerns related to African peoples worldwide, and highlights past and present achievements and contributions people of African descent have made to the field of archaeology. 

Donation to the Society of Black Archeologists

On August 17th, 2020, thanks to everyone who has purchased and supported me, I’m happy to say I’ve made the donation of $75 to The Black Trans Travel Fund. I feel as if my Grandma would be proud to have her name on this donation.


My goal with this page is to do something I love, begin to start a business, and use it to help donate to causes that are important. I’ve decided to donate ALL the profits from last quarter's sales directly to The Black Trans Travel Fund. The Black Trans Travel Fund is a grassroots, Black Trans led Collective, providing Black Transgender Women with financial and material resources needed to remove barriers to self-determining and accessing safer travel options.


Previous Donation: The Black Trans Travel Fund

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