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My Objective for future profits 

Historically marginalized and underserved groups, particularly womxn, have been largely overlooked for their contributions to societal developments or their contributions to the science of archeology as a whole. Many of the first archeologists in the early 20th-century appropriated cultures, glossed over gender in their examination of the stratigraphy, and misinterpreted artifacts to align with nationalist biases. These topics, as well as current scholars' efforts to improve them, are constantly talked about amongst professors and students. 


Although archeological institutions are increasing efforts to make the field more inclusive and collaborative, there are still many obstacles to overcome before minority groups are equally represented as professors and professional archeologists in the field. 

Undergoing the P.h.D. application process this semester has exposed me to possible logistical barriers that, in the absence of my white privilege and economic stability, would have prevented me from pursuing higher academia. The details of application costs, standardized testing, and study preparation are rarely discussed in larger conversations of whitewashing and the insufficient representation of people of color in high academia.

These works of custom embroidery and various designs are part of a bigger objective: adding one available resource to POC aspiring academics to help them enter into the world of high academia. By providing an option that makes standardized testing prep more affordable and available, I hope to give young academics a chance to share their stories, accomplish their dreams, and to challenge Eurocentric narratives that have previously plagued American views on history, anthropology, and so on. The profit made off these products will make my dream of creating a grant possible. 


Transparency is Important to nvz: A Full Business Plan is Pending and Will be Posted ASAP

Prices of most products negotiable depending on shipping. Please DM me or comment on your desired product to discuss pricing.

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